Unscramble the Letters

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
45 minutes

This is a puzzle where students will unscramble letters of familiar words. Then, they will write sentences using each of these words.


Students will learn:
To unscramble the letters
To spell the words correctly
To write the words in sentences

Materials Needed

You will need the worksheet I provided in this lesson.
Students will need pencils and erasers to do the worksheet.
Students can use the back of their worksheets to write sentences of each word in the puzzle, or they can use a separate sheet of paper. The following is the worksheet and the answer sheet. Worksheet for Spelling Words Directions: Unscramble the words. 1. lalf 2. samtsirhC 3. inwret 4. ewN reaYs aDy 5. rinsgp 6. mmusre 7. aydonM 8. desWnayd 9. irFady 10. nuSayd 11. uesTyad 12. hrsuyadT 13. yranJua 14. rMcha 15. ayM 16. lyJu 17. ruFberay 18. prAli 19. unJe 20. uusAgt 21. cDmeerbe 22. ctOebro 23. veNobmre 24. tSpemrbe 25. weN rseYa veE Answers to the worksheet 1. fall 2. Christmas 3. winter 4. New Years Day 5. spring 6. summer 7. Monday 8. Wednesday 9. Friday 10. Sunday 11. Tuesday 12. Thursday 13. January 14. March 15. May 16. July 17. February 18. April 19. June 20. August 21. December 22. October 23. November 24. September 25. New Years Eve


First, you will give the students the worksheet for them to unscramble the letters.

Then, the students will write each word in a sentence.


You can grade them on each correct word they unscrambled and spelled correctly.

You can also grade them on the sentences they wrote. Check for sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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