Missing Vowels

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

In this lesson plan, the students are to fill in the blanks with the missing vowels. Then, they will write sentences using the words.


Students will learn:
To identify words
To spell words correctly
Write sentences using the words

Materials Needed

You will need the worksheet that I have included in this lesson. Directions: Fill in the blanks with the missing vowels 1. F _____ l l 2. M _____n d _____y 3. S c h _____ _____ l 4. _____ n e 5. H _____ t 6. C _____ l d 7. S _____ x 8. T h _____ _____ r 9. T h _____ t 10. W h _____ n 11. M _____ n t h 12. Y _____ _____ r 13. H _____ m _____ w _____ r k 14. C h r _____ s t m _____ s 15. S _____ p t _____ m b _____ r 16. T _____ _____ s d _____ y 17. S _____ n d _____ y 18. F r _____ d _____ y 19. R _____ c _____ s s 20. S _____ m m _____ r Answer Sheet 1. Fall 2. Monday 3. School 4. One 5. Hot 6. Cold 7. Six 8. Their 9. That 10. When 11. Month 12. Year 13. Homework 14. Christmas 15. September 16. Thursday 17. Sunday 18. Friday 19. Recess 20. Summer


First, you will give the students their worksheet so they can fill in the missing blanks.

Then, they are to write sentences using those words.

After that, you can grade their worksheets.


100 to 90 = A

89 to 80 = B

79 to 70 = C

69 to 60 = D

Below 60 = F

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