Rhyming Words

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Grade Level
Special Education
Length of Time
30 minutes

This lesson is on teaching words that rhyme. By learning words that rhyme, students can say them easier and can also learn to spell them easier.


Students will learn:
To say rhyming words
To write rhyming words
To spell the rhyming words

Materials Needed

The worksheet that I have included in this lesson.
Pencils and erasers for students Worksheet Rhyming Words Directions: Match the words in Column A to the words that rhyme in Column B. Column A Column B 1. Hat A. Cook 2. Cold B. Rake 3. Sick C. Bold 4. Book D. Kick 5. Take E. Cat 6. Well F. Small 7. Dog G. Fun 8. Hall H. Sell 9. Run I. Bump 10. Jump J. Fog


First, you will teach students about rhyming words. You can show them words such as: bat and hat; dog and fog; cold and fold; and other words.

Then, you will give the students the worksheet to see if they can match the rhyming words.

You can also help the students spell these words.


You can grade the students on the total correct out of the total number possible.

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