Alphabetizing Words

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Special Education
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

This lesson is on teaching students how to alphabetize words. They do this by looking at the first letter of each word in the group. Then, they will write the words in alphabetical order.


Students will learn:
To say words
To alphabetize words
To write words in sentences

Materials Needed

Alphabetical Order

Directions: Arrange the following words in alphabetical order.

1. dog bird fish cat hamster

2. top bat doll train car

3. tiger lion giraffe monkey deer

4. bear seal ape gorilla turkey 5. Sunday Tuesday Monday Friday Wednesday 6. February June April May December 7. hot cold warm freeze ice 8. shirt blouse dress jacket coat 9. neck head arm back leg

10. tall short big fast run


First, you will write different words on the board such as: dog, cat, boy, girl. Then, you will show them how to alphabetize these words.

Answer: boy, cat, dog, girl.

Students need to look at the first letter of each word to see where the letters come in the alphabet.

Then, you will give the students the worksheet to see if they can alphabetize the words in each group.

After that, you can grade their papers and go over the ones they missed so they will understand what they need to correct.

You can also have them write the words in sentences.


You can grade the students on the total correct out of the total number possible.

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