Making a Journal

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Grade Level
Middle School
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

In this lesson, students will make a journal. Then, they can start writing in their journal on any topic they choose.


Students will:

*Create their own journal cover

*Create their own paper to use inside their journal

*Will bind their journal in whatever way they choose

Materials Needed

*Construction paper that is sturdy

*Markers or Paints

*Blank or lined paper for their journal

*Binding material such as a machine that binds folders or other material they need so they can keep their journal together with their cover and pages.


First, you will have the students decide what kind of journal they want to keep. Here are some ideas for journals: Daily thoughts, dream journal, pets, family, vacations, friendships, book reviews, or any other topic they would like to write about and keep in their journal.

Then, they will make the cover for their journal using construction paper and markers or paint and other types of art equipment like sequins.

After that, they will put their blank pages inside their journal and bind the journal in the way that they choose. They could bind it using spiral binding, wire binding, holes punched and yarn through the holes, or another way.

Then, they are ready to begin writing in their journal.


You can grade the students on how they worked on their journals and their creativity.

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