Picture Word Book

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

For this lesson, students will have pictures of animals, toys, or other topics. Then, they will make a Picture Word Book.


Students will learn:

*To look at the pictures

*To look at the words

*To relate words to pictures

Materials Needed

*Different pictures such as animals, toys, food, or other types of groups.

*Construction paper


*Markers for teachers to write the words of the pictures


First, you will pass out the different pictures to the students.

Then, you will pass out the construction paper and glue.

The students will choose a picture and glue it to the construction paper.

You will need to guide the students in this project. After they have the pictures glued, you can write the word by the picture. For example, if the picture is a dog, then you would write dog by the picture.

This project will help students learn words and relate them to the pictures.


You can reward the students for good behavior and doing their work.

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