Beginning Math - Subtraction

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 minutes

This lesson plan consists of beginning subtraction problems for kindergarten students.


Students will learn:
To subtract problems by looking at the objects

Materials Needed

You will need the math worksheet that I have provided
You can also use objects such as balls to show students the math problems
Students will need pencils and erasers


First, you will show the students how to subtract by giving them examples.

Take out four balls. Put four balls in one pile. Take away one ball. Ask a student how many balls are left. Then, you can write the problem out and illustrate it with the balls again to show the students how to subtract. 4 balls - 1 ball = 3 balls

You can do this with different problems a few times before you give the students the worksheet.

Math Worksheet

1. 5 balls - 1 ball = _______________

2. 4 balls - 2 balls = ______________

3. 3 balls - 2 balls = ______________

4. 1 ball - 1 ball = ________________

5. 1 ball - 0 balls = _______________

6. 5 balls - 2 balls = _______________

7. 5 balls - 3 balls = ______________

8. 4 balls - 3 balls = ______________

9. 3 balls - 1 ball = ______________

10. 3 balls - 3 balls = ______________

Variation: You can use the same problems by using different objects.


You can grade the students on the number correct out of total possible.

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