Making Turkeys

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

This lesson plan can be used in November for Thanksgiving. Students will make turkeys.


Students will learn:
To be creative
To cut out a pattern
To glue objects

Materials Needed

A pattern of a turkey
Small scissors for each child
Glue stick for each child
Cotton balls and small strips of felt
Brown Construction Paper


First, you will create a pattern of a turkey on white paper.

Then, you will make a copy of the pattern for each student.

After that, you will pass out a piece of brown construction paper for each student.

Next, you will have the students cut out the pattern and have them glue their turkeys to the brown construction paper.

Then, they can take small cotton balls for the body and long strips of brown felt (for the tail feathers) and glue them on their turkeys.

Finally, they will write their names on their papers.

You can collect their papers when they have finished and put them up on the wall during the month of November.


You can give the students a sticker for the job they did on making their turkeys.

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