Making Santas

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

Students will make Santas for this lesson. This lesson can be done in December for Christmas.


Students will learn:
To cut with scissors
To glue with glue sticks
To create their own Santas

Materials Needed

Santa Claus pattern on white paper
Red felt for a hat and body
White cotton balls for the top of the hat and the rim of the hat.
Black felt strip for the belt and boots


First, you will create a Santa Claus pattern on white paper.

Next, you will make copies so that each student can have one.

Then, you can pass out the copies of the Santa Claus patterns.

After that, you will give each student a small piece of red felt for the hat and body, black felt strips for the belt, black felt in the shape of boots, and cotton balls for the tip of the hat and the rim of the hat, which is next to the head.

Then, the students will cut a triangle out of the red felt for the hat and glue it to the Santa's head. After that, they will glue on the cotton ball for the top of Santa's hat and two or three cotton balls for the rim of the hat.

Finally, the students will glue the black strip in the middle of the Santa for his belt. Then, they can glue the boots on Santa's feet.

When they have finished making their Santa Claus', they can write their names on their papers.


You can give the students a sticker for their creativity.

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