Caring for School Pets - Hamsters

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

Students will learn about caring for pets such as hamsters. Teachers have pets in their classrooms, so children need to learn how to care for pets. I will focus on hamsters.


Students will learn:
About pets
How to care for hamsters

Materials Needed

Hamsters, cage, food, bedding, toys, and water bottle


If you would like to have a pet in your classroom, you might think about hamsters. They are easy to care for and children like hamsters.

First, you need to get a cage, a hamster, food, bedding, toys, and a water bottle.

Having a glass cage with a screen top is good. Glass cages are better because the bedding stays inside the cage. The bedding and food would come out of wire cages.

You need to wash out the cage and dry it. Then, you need to add the bedding and the toys such as a wheel and a little house. After that, you need to fill up the water bottle and place it into the cage. When you have everything ready, you can place your hamster in the cage and place the screen top on the cage.

After you have the cage and hamster set up in the classroom, you can talk to the children about caring for the hamster.

You can have the children help care for the hamster.

You should feed hamsters once a day, and you should change their water bottle once a day. It is important for hamsters to have fresh food and water. You also need to clean out the cage once a week.

Children like to help care for pets. Each day you can assign a student to feed the hamster and give him fresh water.

It is also important to keep hamsters warm. You can also add vitamins in the water bottle.

Hamsters sleep during the day, so it wouldn't make any noises while you teach.

Gerbils also make good pets. They are awake during the day and sleep at night. You can consider a gerbil instead of a hamster. You would still care for gerbils like you would hamsters.


Because of this type of lesson plan, you would not grade them.

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