Learning Shapes

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 minutes

Students will learn about shapes and beginning sounds. This worksheet is for older preschoolers.


Students will learn:
To recognize shapes
To recognize beginning sounds

Materials Needed

Different shapes
Poster of different shapes and words of shapes
Worksheet I have included in this lesson plan


First, you will copy the worksheet I have included in this lesson so that each student will have a copy.

Then, you will explain to the students about the different shapes: square, rectangle, circle, oval, and triangle.

You can show the students the actual shapes in the classroom.

After that, you can display the poster with the different shapes and the words on the center of each shape and go over each shape. At this time, you will talk about the beginning sounds of the words.

Then, you will pass out the worksheet and have students write the first letter of the word of that shape.

Example: S = Square. They would write S on the Square.

Finally, you can collect the worksheets so you can see how they did on their sheets.


You can give each student a sticker for completing the worksheet.

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