Taking Care of Pets

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
1 hour

In this lesson, you can talk to the students about taking care of pets.

You can also have a veterinarian come to the classroom to talk to the students, or you can set up a time where you can take a field trip to the veterinarian's office.


Students will learn:
How to take care of pets such as dogs and/or cats

Materials Needed

Books about dogs and/or cats
A veterinarian to come and talk about pets or field trip to veterinarian's office


First, you will talk to the students about pets such as dogs and/or cats.

Then, you can read a book about pets.

After that, you can have a veterinarian come and talk to the students, or you can set up a field trip where they can visit the veterinarian at his work.


You can reward the students on how well they listened to you and to the veterinarian.

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