Journal Writing Idea - Pets

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Reading & Writing
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

This lesson plan consists of a journal writing idea about pets. This ideas is to help students start a journal and what can happen as a result of keeping a journal.


Students will learn to:
See the value of keeping a journal
Keep a journal
Develop a story about pets

Materials Needed

Journal Writing Idea: Pets

Students will need to have a journal and pencils or pens. They can make their own journal or use a spiral notebook.


After they have their journal, you can ask the children if they have pets.

You can also talk about pets and see what kinds of pets the students have in your classroom.

If they do have pets, they could write in their journal about their pets.

If they don't have pets, they could write in their journal about a pet they would like to have and why.

This will help them get started in journal writing.

You never know what will happen as a result of keeping a journal. You could come up with a story like I did.

I have four dogs named Penny, Tippy, Sadey, and Cassie. I wrote a mini-mystery that turned into four parts on my dogs that featured Sadey as the main character and Penny, Tippy, and Cassie as her helpers. The mini-mystery is titled, "Sadey, The Pet Detective."

I have also written other stories featuring pets, but not as main characters like the mini-mystery mentioned above. Pets make interesting characters.


Since this is keeping a journal, you can grade by their content, sentence structure, grammar, speeling, punctuation, and other mechanics.

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