Making a Travel Folder

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Grade Level
Middle School
Social Studies
Length of Time
1 hour

In this lesson, students will select a place in the United States they would like to visit. Then, they need to do some research about the area. After that, they will write a travel folder about the place they selected.


Students will learn:
To research information on a particular topic
Take notes
Write a travel folder

Materials Needed

Social Studies book
Encyclopedia or other reference books
Note cards to jot down notes
Notebook paper
Pencils, Pens, Erasers, and Whiteouts
Paper for a cover


First, students will look up information on a topic of their choice. It has to be a place in the United States that they would like to visit.

Then, they need to take notes on their reading.

After that, they will write a travel folder.

In the travel folder, they need to write down the following information:

Name of the place

Location of the area

Directions on how to get there

Important facts about the place

When they have finished writing their their information, they can draw a cover for their travel folder. The cover needs to relate to a specific area in the folder.


You can grade the students on the information they included in their travel folder and their creativity.

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