Why I Like _________?

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Grade Level
Middle School
Social Studies
Length of Time
1 hour

In this lesson, students will write a persuasive essay on why they would like to visit a particular place in the United States and why they think others should see that particular place.

In their essay, they should use the title I have for this lesson and fill in the blank: "Why I Like ______________?"


Students will learn:
To research information about a place they would like to visit
Take notes while they are reading
To write a persuasive essay on a place in the United States
To edit and revise their essay
To submit a final essay

Materials Needed

Their Social Studies book
Pencils, Erasers, and Pens
Notecards to take notes
Notebook paper for final copy


First, you will have students choose a place in the United States they would like to visit and believe others should see.

Then, you will have students research their topic and take notes on the place they chose.

After that, they will write a persuasive essay on why they chose that place and why others should visit it.

In their essay, they need to have a topic sentence that states their main points they will discuss in their essay.

Then, they need to write a section on each main point. At the end of the essay, they need to conclude their paper.

When they have finished writing their essay, they need to edit and revise it before they submit it to you for grading.

This lesson will take more than an hour to do because they will need to research the topic of their choice, take notes while they read, write their essay, edit and revise their essay, and write a final copy.

You can assign the research for one class period and then have the students write a rough draft at home and edit and revise it.

Then, you can have them write their final copy in class.


You can grade them on their research efforts, their notes, the organization of their essay, sentence and paragraph structure, grammar, and punctuation.

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