Writing A Fable

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Grade Level
Middle School
Length of Time
1 hour

In this lesson, students are to write a fable.


Students will learn:
The definition of a fable
To understand fables
To write their own fables

Materials Needed

Notebook paper to write their fable
Pens and Whiteouts
A story that is a fable


First, you will explain the definition of a fable. A fable is a story that often uses animals for characters. The story has a moral for people to apply in their lives.

Then, you will read a fable to the students so they can have a better understanding of fables. The Aesop's Fables for children are good examples of fables.

After you have read a fable to the students, then you will have them write their own fables.


You can grade the students on their creativity in writing the story, grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure, dialogue, and narration.

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