Completing a Christmas Story

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
1 hour

In this lesson, students will finish writing a Christmas story that I have included in this lesson. This story is a fantasy.


Students will learn:
To add to short stories
To be creative

Materials Needed

Pencils and Erasers
Worksheet I have included in this lesson


First, you will copy the worksheet included in this leson.

After that, you will explain to the students how to complete a short story.

You will need to discuss the elements of fiction such as settings, characters, themes, and plots.

Then, you will give the students the worksheet and explain to them that they are to complete the short story. Worksheet - Completing a Christmas Story

Directions: You are to complete the following short story.

Once upon a time, Kerrie wanted to travel to a far away place like the North Pole so she could see Santa Claus. She was lying in her bed and sleeping when she suddenly started dreaming of the North Pole.


You can grade the students on their sentence and paragraph structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and creativity.

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