Making Christmas Cards

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Grade Level
Length of Time
45 mnutes

In this lesson, students will learn to make Christmas cards for their parents.

This lesson plan can also be for elementary students Grades 1 to 5.


Students will learn:
To use small items
To be creative
To write a special message to their parents

Materials Needed

Crayons, Markers, and/or Colored Pencils
White Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Small items like sequins, buttons, cotton balls, felt or other items


First, you can give the students a piece of white construction paper. Have them fold the paper in half like a booklet.

After that, they can write Merry Christmas _________.

Have them write the name of the person or persons (such as their parents) in the blank.

Then, you can let the students choose the small items they would like to use on their Christmas Cards. They can use the small items to form a picture or a design on the front of the card.

On the inside of the card, they can write a message to their parents and sign their name. (You may have to help them write the message)


You can reward them for doing their project and their behavior in class while they worked on the project.

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