Food Groups

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 minutes

In this lesson, you will teach pre-schoolers about the different food groups: meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, and breads. They will also place pictures of food in the different categories.


Students will learn:
To recognize different food
Identify food groups
Place food in categories

Materials Needed

You will need pictures of different foods or plastic food that represents the real food.

You will need two charts. These can be made out of poster board. The charts need to have five columns. You will write a food group in each column.

Chart One - You need pictures that show the children the different foods in the group.

Chart Two - You will need the titles of the food groups at the top. The columns will be blank. Each student will take a picture and place it in the right food column.


First, you need to explain the food groups. You will do this by showing the students pictures of the food groups. You can make a chart and cut out pictures of each food group to show the students.

Then, you can make another chart that has just the categories of the food groups. You will also need pictures of various foods in the different food groups.

Have the students place the picture under the title.

This will teach students to categorize different items.

You can talk about the food groups and why it's important for them to eat the right food.


You can give students a reward if they participate in this activity.

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