Writing a Television Advertisement

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Grade Level
Middle School
Length of Time
1 hour

In this lesson, you will have students write and illustrate an advertisement for their favorite television show.


Students will learn:
To write and illustrate an advertisement
To be creative

Materials Needed

Pencils and Erasers
Crayons or Markers
White Construction Paper


First, you will pass out the construction paper.

Then, you will tell the students to choose their favorite television show that they want to write an advertisement for and illustrate.

They need to write a short paragraph telling peope about favorite show. This paragraph needs to encourage others to watch it.

After they have written their paragraph, then they need to illustrate it.

When they have completed their advertisement, then you can collect the papers and put them around the room for others to see.


You can reward the students on their creativity of their advertisement for their favorite television show. You can also grade them on their writing.

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