Humorous Story Featuring Clowns

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Middle School
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In this lesson, students will write a humorous story featuring clowns in a circus setting.


Students will learn:
To develop a specific setting
To use a specific character or characters
To write a humorous story

Materials Needed

Notebook paper
Pencils and Erasers or Pens and Whiteouts


First, you will make a copy of the worksheet for each student so they will know how to start writing their humorous story.

Then, you will explain the study guide to them and see if they understand the directions and how to write their outline before they start their story.

When they have finished their final draft, they will submit it to you for grading.

Study Guide for Students


First, you need to make an outline of your setting, characters, and plot.

Then, you can write a rough draft.

After that, you need to edit and revise your paper.

Finally, you will submit a final copy.

Outline for Story:

Setting = Circus - What is the setting like? Where is the circus held?

Characters = Clown or Clowns - How many clowns are there? You need one clown for the main character and other clowns or other characters as supporting characters.

Plot = What is the clown going through? He needs to have some type of experience being a clown and then work through that experience by the end of the story. This story will be a humorous story. Will the clown experience some type of problem and then suddenly learn that he can make people laugh? Students can develop their plot in the way they would like to develop it.

The main point is to make the story humorous and end with a happy ending.


You can grade the students on sentence structure, paragraph structure, plot development, their settings, and their characters.

You can also grade them on spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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