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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 minutes

This lesson is about sequencing. I have provided a study sheet and worksheet for the students. This lesson is for the older preschoolers who are four and five. However, you can use this lesson for kindergarten students, too.


Students will learn:
To see patterns
To tell what pattern comes next in the sequence
To write the number or letters in the pattern

Materials Needed

You will need the following study sheet and worksheet.

Study Sheet for Sequencing

What is sequencing? Sequencing is a pattern of shapes, number, letters, and other items.

Let's look at this pattern:

A B A B ______

What would come next? A is the answer.

Let's look at this pattern:

1 3 5 7 ______

What would come next? 9 is the answer.

Some of these patterns will have the letters or numbers in order. They will need to write the next letter or number that comes in the alphabet.

Example: A B C D ______ ______

Example: 1 2 3 4 ______ ______

What would come next? E and F are the answers.

You need to keep these patterns simple for the pre-schoolers to understand them.

This is a worksheet on letters and numbers. You can also develop patterns of shapes and colors.

Worksheet on Sequencing

1. A B A B ______ ______

2. A A B B ______ ______

3. 1 1 2 2 ______ ______

4. A B C D ______ ______

5. 1 2 3 4 ______ ______

6. A C E G ______ ______

7. 1 3 5 7 ______ ______

8. A B C A ______ ______

9. 1 2 3 1 ______ ______

10. 2 4 6 8 ______ ______


First, you will explain about sequencing and give them examples. You can use my study sheet that explains sequencing. You can also write examples on the board and explain sequencing. Have them tell you the answers.

After they seem to understand the concept, you can give them the worksheet.

You need to guide them as they work through it so they understand what to do.

This worksheet can be used for kindergarten age, too.


You can reward preschoolers for participating in class and doing the worksheet. You can make a chart with their names for your files and write who understands the concept of sequencing.

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