Vocabulary Songs

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Grade Level
Middle School
Length of Time
50 minutes

This procedure allows students to learn vocabulary in an alternate way, one that is less threatning yet still provides the repition needed to learn new vocabulary. It also provides students a chance work with their musical intelligence.


The goal of this lesson is to give students a foundation and a means to learn and apply new vocabulary words.

Materials Needed

The materails needed for this plan are pens and paper, handouts with the definition, and index cards.


1. As an opening sponge activity, have the students read the new vocabulary words that have been written on the board of overhead. Have the students list the words that they do not know.

2. Go over the list of vocabulary words with the students. Spend about ten minutes explaining the definitions and giving examples. Then, pass out a handout with the words already defined in a two column format (word on one column and the definition on the other so that the paper can be folded and used as a study method).

3. Divide the students up into small groups of three or four.

4. Give the students 23 minutes (the odd time helps the work better)to write a song using the list of vocabulary words. They can write their song to the music of any tv show i.e. The Brady Bunch or Gillagans Island. If it is a longer list of words the tune of a popular song will work.

5. For the next ten to fifteen minutes listen to each group's song.

6. As a closing activity, have the students choose three of the most difficult words and create a flash card on the index card with the word on one side and a picture on the other.


Grade the students on a participation basis. If they use all the words correctly and listen actively to the other groups, then they receive full credit. If not, choose a method of duduction, but I have never had to do that task for the students will participate 100%.

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