A Christmas Memory

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
1 hour

Students will write an essay about a special Christmas they had with their family and why it was special to them.


Students will learn:
To write an essay about a special memory

Materials Needed

Notebook Paper
Pens and Whiteouts


First, you will have the students think about a special Christmas they had with their family when they were younger.

Then, you will have them write about that special memory.

In their essay, they need to use vivid description that appeals to the senses. They can think about the following questions:

What did the house look like?

What types of food could you smell when you entered the house?

What could you hear as you entered the house?

What was the setting - at your parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle's house?

What was the Christmas tree like?

Where there lots of presents?

When you picked up your presents, did they feel light or heavy? Could you guess what you might be getting?

How did you feel about your Christmas? Why was it special to you? After they have written their essay, then they can submit it to you for grading.

This might take longer than one class period. You might have them write the rough draft in class and then the final copy as homework.


You can grade them on organization of their essay, spelling, sentence structure, paragraph structure, punctuation, and grammar.

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