Exploring Satire - Jonathan Swift

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
1 hour

Students will read Part One of Gulliver's Travels and write an essay about satire and give specific examples in the text.


Students will learn:
About satire
To find examples of satire in a literary work
To write an essay about the examples they found and how the writer used satire in his literary work

Materials Needed

Gulliver's Travels - Part One
Note cards to take notes
Notebook paper
Pens and whiteouts


First, you will have students read Part One of Gulliver's Travels. They need to take notes on their note cards while they read.

Then, you will have them write an essay explaining how Jonathan Swift used satire in his writing. They are to give examples from the work.

When they have finished their essay, they can submit them for you to grade.

This assignment will take more than one class period. You can have them read Part One and take notes as a homework assignment. Then, write their essay in class.


You can grade their papers on grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraph structure.

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