Solving Multiple-Step Problems

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Grade Level
Middle School
Length of Time
1 hour

This is a math lesson that has word problems consisting of multiple-step problems. For example, students will have to solve the problems by using addition and subtraction, or other processes.


Students will learn:
To think about the word problems
To take one step at a time
To solve each step to find the total answer

Materials Needed

The worksheet I have included in this lesson
Pencils and erasers


First, you will copy the worksheet so that each student will have a copy.

Then, you will explain how to do the worksheet by writing examples on the board.

After that, you can pass out the worksheet so they can work on them independently.

Worksheet - Solving Math Problems

Directions - You will read the following problems. You have to solve the problems by using two different steps.

1. John has 25 baseball cards. Tom has 30 baseball cards. Jim has 75 baseball cards. They want to give Scott and Bob baseball cards so they each have the same amount. How many would each one have? Would there be any left over?2. Jean, Susie, and Sandy want to go to a movie. Jean has $6.95. Susie has $7.65. Sandy has $8.95. They want to put their money together. A movie costs a total of $5.00 a ticket. They also want popcorn and pop that totals $10.00. Will they have enough money? 3. Sherry has to clean out her pantry. She has 6 shelves. Each shelf holds 25 cans. She bought 5 boxes of vegetables and fruits because they were on sale. Each box contains 24 cans. How many shelves will she need?4. Jamie's bookcase holds 25 paperback books or 15 hardback books on one shelf. She has 5 shelves. Jamie's friend, Julie, gave her a box of 50 paperback books and a box of 10 hardback books. Jamie already had 25 paperback books and 5 hardback books. How many shelves will she need to hold all of her books?

5. The five starters of the basketball team scored 70% of the total score. The other players scored 30%. The final score was 90 points. How many points did the starters score? How many points did the other players score?6. Jean had two math tests. There were 280 questions for both tests. The first test had 20 extra questions. She scored 40% on the first test and 60% on the second test. What was her score for both tests?


You can grade the students on the total number correct out of the total possible points.

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