Finding Misspelled Words

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Grade Level
Middle School
Length of Time
45 minutes

This lesson will have a worksheet of words that are misspelled.


Students will learn:
To find misspelled words
To correct the spelling

Materials Needed

The worksheet I have included in this lesson
Pencils and erasers


First, you will copy the worksheet so that each student will have a copy.

Then, you will explain what they are to do on the worksheet.

Worksheet - Finding Misspelled Words

Directions - For the following words write correct if the words are correct or correct the words if they are misspelled.

1. Amoung -

2. Thier -

3. Fifty -

4. Fysician -

5. Docter -

6. Fourty -

7. Receive -

8. Febuary -

9. Incensitive -

10. Acountant -

11. Expence -

12. Encouragment -

13. Acnowlege -

14. Knowing -

15. Concieted -

16. Coperation -

17. Genious -

18. Inadeqate -

19. Oktober -

20. Reciept -


Each word is worth five points for a total of 100 points.

100 to 90 = A

89 to 80 = B

79 to 70 = C

69 to 60 = D

Below 60 = F

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