Learning About Zoo Animals

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 minutes

In this lesson, you will talk about zoo animals. You will also review pets and farm animals.


Students will learn:
To identify the different zoo animals
To color pictures of zoo animals
To place pets, farm, and zoo animals in different categories

Materials Needed

Pictures of different zoo animals such as giraffes, monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, and other zoo animals
Books about zoo animals that you can read to the children
Pictures of zoo animals to color
Folders to place pictures of zoo animals they colored
Folders of pets and farm animals that you did in the previous lesson plans


First, you need pictures of zoo animals such as giraffes, monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, and other zoo animals.

Then, you need to talk about the different zoo animals.

Ask the students if they have been to a zoo.

After that, you can give the students pictures to color of different zoo animals.

Finally, you can have students put different pictures of pets, farm animals, and zoo animals in each folder that is marked: Pets, Farm Animals, and Zoo Animals. This exercise will teach children to categorize different animals.


You can reward the students for their participation and on their coloring sheets.

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