Alphabetizing Words Beginning with V and W

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
45 minutes

Students will learn to put words in alphabetical order.

This lesson is for third through fifth grade students.


Students will learn:
How to put words in alphabetical order

Materials Needed

The worksheet I have included in this lesson.
Pencils and Erasers


First, you will copy the worksheet so that each student will have a copy.

Then, you will explain to the students how to put words in alphabetical order. The worksheet is in two parts. Part One consists of alphabetizing V words. Part Two consists of alphabetizing W words.

Examples: Very, Victory, Veil, Vein = Since these words begin with V, students need to look at the other letters in the words. The answer to the examples is Veil, Vein, Very, and Victory.

After that, you will pass out the worksheets so the students can work on them independently.

When they have completed the worksheet, you will collect them. Worksheet - Alphabetizing Words

Directions: Put the following words in alphabetical order.

Part One - Alphabetizing Words That Begin With V

1. Very

2. Vein

3. Vary

4. Vocabulary

5. Vocal

6. Vertical

7. Verify

8. Victory

9. Vegetables

10. Vehicle

Part Two - Alphabetizing Words That Begin With W

1. When

2. Weather

3. Where

4. Which

5. Wicked

6. Who

7. Warehouse

8. Whereas

9. Whip

10. Why


Each one is worth five points for a total of 100 points.

100 to 90 = A

89 to 80 = B

79 to 70 = C

69 to 60 = D

Below 60 = F

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