Reading Comprehension Exercise

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Reading & Writing
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

You will read a genre fiction story or a non-fiction story. As you read a page, you will stop and ask questions to see if the students remember what you read.


Develop Concentration
Develop Reading Comprehension
Develop Interest in Reading

Materials Needed

Genre Fiction or Non-Fiction book with one title


On the board, you can write

Boys Girls Teacher

Draw columns with those headings.

You can start with the boys or the girls.

After you read one or two pages, you will ask a student in the group to answer the question. If the student gets it right, you write one tally under the team. The other students need to be quiet, or they can lose the point.

If the student misses the question, you need to ask a student on the other team. If they get it right, then you give that team the point.

If both teams miss the question, then you get the point.

You will continue this process until the end of the book. At that time, you can see which team received the most points.


Using this system helps motivation, concentration, and comprehension while you're reading the story.

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