Turkey Feathers - Counting

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

Students will have turkey patterns and feathers. They will place the correct number of feathers on the turkey that is written below each turkey. Then, they can color the turkeys. This lesson can be done during math or art.


Learn to count
Learn to glue
Learn to match number of feathers to number below turkey

Materials Needed

White paper with six turkey patterns on each one.
Feathers made on construction paper
Glue sticks


You need to make six turkey patterns on each page and write a number under each turkey. The numbers shouldn't be in order. After that, you need to give each student a paper with the turkey patterns on it and six feathers to each student. The students will glue the number of feathers onto the turkey that matches the number below the turkey.


You can grade the students on matching the feathers and the numbers.

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