Thanksgiving Mural

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
45 minutes to one hour

This lesson plan should be for fourth and fifth grade students.

Students will draw a mural of the history of Thanksgiving. They will start with the first Thanksgiving and work up to the present day. Use the main facts of various years.


Learn about Thanksgiving
Draw a mural
Learn sequencing by years

Materials Needed

Large paper to make a mural that can be posted on the wall in the hall outside of their classroom
Pencils and Erasers


First, they need sheets of paper to make a mural they can post on the wall in the hall outside of their classroom. Then, you can assign students to draw each section of the mural. After that, you can tape the mural to the wall so that other students can view the project.


You can grade the students on the accuracy of their drawings in the various years.

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