Compare and Contrast Two Books

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Grade Level
Middle School
Reading & Writing
Length of Time
Homework Assignment

Students will read two books and write a comparison and contrast paper on their views of the two books. They can discuss a specific element of fiction such as plot, theme, characters, or others.


Learn how to compare two books
Learn how to contrast two books
Learn the elements of fiction

Materials Needed

Books the students want to read
Notebook paper
Pencils and Erasers


First, students will go to the library and choose two books they would like to read. The books can be by different authors or by the same author. As they read, they need to take notes on specific details they want to include in their paper. Then, they will write a paper comparing and contrasting one of the elements of fiction. After that, they will submit their papers for grading.


You can grade their papers on sentence and paragraph structure and mechanics. You can also grade their papers on how well they stated their ideas of comparison and contrast between the two books.

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