Farm Fowl

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Grade Level
Social Studies
Length of Time
30 minutes

In this lesson, you will talk with students about farm fowl and show students pictures of different types of farm fowl.


Students will learn:
To identify different kinds of farm fowl.
To identify and learn the names of farm fowl babies.
To identify where farm fowl make their homes on the farm.
To color pictures of farm fowl.

Materials Needed

Pictures of chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks, geese and their offspring.
Books on farm fowl.
Pictures of farm fowl to color.
Folders in which students can keep the pictures of farm fowl that they color.


You will need pictures of farm fowl for the students to color.
Talk to students about different types of farm fowl and what their offspring are called.
Ask the students if they have ever been to a farm or if they have ever seen farm fowl.
Hand out pictures of farm fowl for the students to color.


Reward students for their participation in the lesson by giving a small reward or by placing stickers on their coloring sheets.

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