Color Book

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Grade Level
Length of Time
45 minutes

Students will find different pictures that show different colors. For example, they will look for pictures that show red and glue them to the page that has the word red at the top. Each page will have a different color. Then, they will make a book.


Learn colors
Make a book
Learn how to use a glue stick
Write their name

Materials Needed

White card stock paper
Pictures of various colors
Glue sticks
Yarn to put through the holes in their book


First, you need to get the white card stock paper, pictures with various colors, glue sticks, and yarn. Then, you need to punch holes in the card stock paper so that the students can put yarn through the holes to make a book. After that, you need to write the color words at the top of each page.

Finally, you can pass out the paper, yarn, and glue sticks to each student and explain how to choose the colors and glue them to the correct page.

When they finish their books, they can string the yarn through the holes and tie them in a bow.


You can grade the students on how well they followed directions and if they placed the right color on the right page.

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