Farm Pictures

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 minutes - Two Sessions

Students will paint a farm and glue pictures of farm animals on their pictures. Students will need to let the paint dry first before they can glue on the pictures of farm animals.


Learn about farm animals
Learn to make farm pictures

Materials Needed

White paper
Glue sticks
Pictures of farm animals, barn, and house
Paint container with different colors
Paint brushes


First, you will need to give each child a smock, a piece of white paper, paint container with different colors, and a paint brush.

Then, you will have the students paint the top part of the picture blue for the sky. After that, they can paint the bottom part green for the grass.

When the paint has dried, they can glue on their pictures of farm animals and pictures of a barn and house. They can write their names on the pictures.


You can praise them for the art pictures.

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