Quiet Game and Listening Game

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

This lesson plan is about two games: The Quiet Game and the Listening Game.


Students will learn to:
Be quiet in class when the teacher tells them to be quiet
Listen to the teacher
Follow the teacher's directions

Materials Needed

You do not need any materials for this lesson plan.


Quiet Game Instructions

The students will get in a large circle.

Then, you will tell them that they cannot make any sounds. They have to be absolutely quiet.

If someone talks or makes a noise, then they are out of the circle. They have to go sit at their desks or along the wall.

To make this game more interesting, I ask someone a question to see if he/she responds. If they do, they are out. I will also say, "Clap your hands," or other directions. If they do, they are out.

The winner is the one who is left in the circle. Sometimes there is more than one student left if you need to end the game because of time.

You can play this game in the classroom as a reward for good behavior, or in the gym as a physical education game.

The Listening Game

This game is similar to Simon Says. However, I have the students do everything. Such as stand up, sit down, lie down, walk around the room, jump up and down, and other directions. Sometimes I will repeat a direction to see if they are listening.

The purpose of this game is to train the students to listen to your directions and follow what you tell them.

You can play this game in the classroom as a reward for good behavior or in the gym as a physical education game. This is an active game, so you will need some room to do it. It also depends on the type of directions you tell the students. I have taught these games when I worked as a substitute. All of the students like these games. The teachers like the games because they teach the students to be quiet in class when they are asked to be quiet, and to listen and follow directions.


Since these are games, you really don't grade them. However, you can reward them for their good behavior and playing the games.

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