Learning About Editing

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Grade Level
Middle School
Reading & Writing
Length of Time
Homework and Class Assignment

Students will write a short story in any genre for their homework assignment. After that, they will bring their stories to class the next day. They will exchange their stories and learn about editing.


To learn how to edit manuscripts

Materials Needed

Red pencils or pens
Papers of other students


You will assign students a homework assignment. They are to write a short story in any genre of their choice and submit their manuscripts to you the next day. You will pass out the papers so that each student will have a manuscript to edit, but you need to make sure the students didn't write their names on them. This will help students edit the manuscripts without showing partiality to a particular student. After that, each student will write his/her name as editor on the paper he/she graded and submit the manuscript to you to grade.


You can grade the students on how well they edited the papers.

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