Open and Closed Shapes

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 minutes

Students will have a worksheet where they can match the beginning shape with the shape in the same row. They need to look for the shape where the opening is on the same side, or if the shape doesn't have an opening.

This lesson can be done with first grade students, too.


To learn about closed shapes
To learn about open shapes
To match the identical shapes
To learn visual discrimination

Materials Needed

Worksheet of open and closed shapes
Pencils and erasers


You will need to make a worksheet of open and closed shapes. You need to make the shapes have the opening in different positions so the students can observe all of the shapes and see where the open space is on the the original shape and the matching shape.

You will have ten questions. The students will look at the beginning shape and find the matching shape in the same line. You can use circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles that are open and closed.

Open - Has one place where the shape is not connected.

Closed - Has all the lines connected.


You can grade the students on the total number correct out of the total number possible.

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