Hand Painted Turkeys

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Grade Level
Length of Time
45 minutes

Students will have brown finger paint so they can place their right hand in the paint and place it on finger paint paper. Then, they will place their left hand in the paint and on the paper. They will make turkeys, green grass, and a blue sky.


To make hand painted turkeys
To feel the texture of finger paint
To be creative

Materials Needed

Brown finger paint
Blue finger paint
Green finger paint
White finger paint paper
Brown crayons
Black crayon


First, you need to place a smock on each child. Then, you need to pass out the white paper. After they you can put green and blue on a paper plate so they can make their grass and sky. They need to wipe their hands on paper towels before using another color. Finally, they can place both hands in the plate that has brown paint and place them carefully on their white paper above the green grass. Then, you can draw a black dot on their thumb for the eye. When they have finished their turkeys, they can clean off their hands and write their names on their papers.


You can grade them for their creativity.

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