Finger Painted Christmas Trees

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

Students will have green finger paint to make Christmas trees. They will also use red finger paint and make decorations on the tree and presents below the tree.


To feel the texture of finger paint
To make creative Christmas trees and pictures

Materials Needed

White finger paint paper
Red finger paint
Green finger paint


First, you will help them put on their smocks. Then, you will pass out the finger paint paper to each student. After that, you will give them a paper plate with red and green finger paint. They will place their fingertip into the green paint and make a Christmas tree. When they have made their tree, they can place their fingertip into the red paint and make decorations on the tree or presents under the tree. Finally, they need to write their names on their papers let them dry.


You can praise them on their creativity.

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