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Length of Time
This will take more than one d

Students will gather their pictures they have made and put them together in a scrapbook for their parents.


To learn how to make scrapbooks
To draw pictures using crayons, markers, and paint

Materials Needed

Colored Construction paper
White drawing paper
Crayons, markers, or paint
Yarn strips


First, the students will select the color of construction paper they want to use for the front and back covers of their scrapbooks. Then, they can draw a picture on the front cover and write their names at the bottom. After that, the students can put their pictures, that they have drawn or painted throughout the week, in a neat pile and place them in between the front and back covers. Finally, you can punch two holes on the left side and have the students take one end of the yarn and put it through one hole and under the book and up through the second hole. Then, you can help them to tie a bow on the top cover.


You can praise the students for their creativity abilities.

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