Learning About Books

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Grade Level
Reading & Writing
Length of Time
30 minutes

You will take a book and talk about the title, the author, and what the author might want readers to know.


To learn about titles
To learn about authors
To learn what the author wants readers to know by looking at the title and the pictures.

Materials Needed

Books for preschoolers
Whiteboard place on a stand
Marker and Eraser


First, you will choose a book and talk about the title and the author. You will show the students the pictures and have them tell you what the book might be about. As they tell you their ideas, you can write those ideas on a whiteboard that is placed on a stand so everyone can see. You need to have it handy so you can use it after you read the book. After that, you will read the book to them. You can also talk about their ideas about the book before you read the book and how the ideas related to what happened in the book.


You can praise the students on their participation.

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