Dinosaurs - Eoraptor

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
30 to 40 minutes

In this lesson, you will teach students to identify Eoraptor by showing them pictures of the dinosaur and explaining details about it.


Student will learn:
To identify an Eoraptor.
The size of an Eoraptor.
What Eoraptors ate.
When Eoraptors roamed the earth.

Materials Needed

Pictures of an Eoraptor.
Books on the Eoraptor.
Picture of an Eoraptor to color when the lesson is complete.
A file folder in which to keep their colored picture of Eoraptor.


Show students pictures of an Eoraptor.
Explain that Eoraptors ate meat.
Read to students from a non-fiction book that will give them information about Eoraptor.
Explain that Eoraptor was the first dinosaur on Earth.
Have students draw a picture of Eoraptor.
Have students write a paragraph about what they've learned about Eoraptor.


Students will be graded on attentiveness and what they have learned.

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