ABC Book

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

Students will look at the different pictures such as telephone, cat, dog, cown, horse, chicken, duck, chair, and other animals and write the beginning letter of each picture.


To learn beginning sounds of pictures
To write the beginning letter of each picture.

Materials Needed

Pictures of various items
White construction paper


First, you will select different pictures that show one item such as a telephone, cat, dog, cow, horse, chicken, duck, chair, and other items. After that, you will glue the pictures to white construction paper and make copies so that each student will have a copy of the worksheet. Then, you will have the students write the beginning letter for each pictures such as T for Telephone, C or Cat, D for Dog, C for Cow, H for Horse, C for Chicken, D for Duck, C for Chair, or other items you have chosen for this lesson. When the students have completed their worksheet, you will collect them and see how each student did with the beginning letters of the pictures.


You can see how many they got correct on their worksheet.

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