Vocabulary Worksheet

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
45 minutes - Two class session

Students will have a worksheet to do on vocabulary words. They will look up the words and write out a definition for each word. Then, they will write a sentence for each term. During the next class period, they will take a vocabulary test.


Learn vocabulary words
Learn how to spell them
Learn to look up definitions
Learn to use the words in sentences

Materials Needed

Worksheet of vocabulary words that I've included in this lesson
Test on vocabulary words that I've included in this lesson
Pens and whiteouts


The students will need a copy of the worksheet so they can write out a definition for each of the vocabulary terms. They also need to write a sentence for each term. After they have completed their worksheet, you need to collect the papers so you can grade them. When you have graded the papers, you can hand them back so they can study their sheets for the vocabulary test. Vocabulary Worksheet

Directions: Write the definition of each word. Then, use each word in a sentence.

1. Personification - 2. Simile - 3. Metaphor - 4. Analogy - 5. Narrative Text - 6. Expository Text - 7. Technical Text - 8. Persuasive Text - 9. Connotative - 10. Denotative -Vocabulary Test

Directions: Write the definition for each word.

1. Connotative - 2. Narrative Text - 3. Analogy - 4. Persuasive Text - 5. Simile - 6. Denotative - 7. Expository Text - 8. Metaphor - 9. Technical Text - 10. Personification -


You can grade the students on the correct spelling of their terms, and the definitions. Also, you can grade them how their sentences and if they used the terms correctly.

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