Falling Leaves

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Grade Level
Length of Time
50 minutes to an hour

In this lesson, students will paint over leaves to create a painting of falling leaves.


Students will learn:
To paint over leaves to make a picture of falling leaves.

Materials Needed

Differernt types of leaves.
Heavy art paper.
Tempra or watercolor paint.
Paintbrush for each student.


Take students into the school yard and allow them to collect fallen leaves.
When the students return to the classroom, hand out sheets of heavy art paper.
Have students choose two colors of tempra or watercolor paint to complete the project.
Show students how to place a leave on the paper and paint over it with their paintbrush to make an outline.
Have students choose different kinds of leaves and continue to paint over the leaves until their paper is completely covered with falling leaves.


Grade students by giving them a small reward and placing a sticker on their painting.

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