Story Starters For Historical Fiction Story

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
45 minutes and homework

The students will be given some ideas for story starters that are related to History. For example, one story starter might be: If I was the President, I would change the following:

They are to write a historical fiction story and submit their papers to you for grading.


To understand historical fiction stories
To develop a historical fiction story from a story starter
To be creative and still use facts

Materials Needed

The worksheet I have included in this lesson
Pens and whiteouts
Notebook paper


First, you will copy the worksheet I have included in this lesson so that each one will receive a copy. Then, you will explain to them that they are to choose one story starter and develop it into a historical fiction story to submit for grading.

Historical fiction stories are stories that are fiction, but they use facts from history. For example, they might select a period of history and write a short story with them being the main character.

They can use the worksheet for page numbers they found their historical facts or other notes. They will need notebook paper to write their historical fiction story.

Worksheet of Story Starters

Directions: Select one story starter from the list and develop a short story.

1. If I was around in 1912, I would like to go to _____________, California for a two week vacation because....

2. Twenty years from now, I will live in ______________and be doing.... 3. If I was the Governor in the 1900s, I would do the following: 4. I lived in Mexico during the time Cortez lived and experienced.... 5. If I was the President, I would change the following: 6. I rode with the Texas Rangers and experienced.... 7. I was one of the first settlers in California. I discovered.... 8. I lived during the time of George Washington's Presidency and served with him. 9. I had a dream that I lived with the Indians in the 1900s and several things happened.... 10. I rode with Cortez in his army and....



You can grade the students on the historical facts and how well they developed their historical fiction story. You can also grade them on sentence structure, paragraph structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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