Choosing A President - Writing An Essay

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
homework assignment

In this lesson, students will select the president of their choice and do some research on the president. After that, they will choose a specific topic they would like to write about such as his term as a president, or some other aspect of his life. Then, they will need to take notes while they read so they can have them available when they are ready to write their essays.


To learn how to research a specific topic
To learn to take notes on information they read
To write a paper on a specific topic

Materials Needed

History book
Note cards
Pens and whiteouts
Notebook paper


First, the students need to select a President of the United States that served in the past and look up information on the Internet and/or in their history book about the President of their choice. As they read over their information, they will make a decision about the specific area of the President's life they would like to write about and take notes. When the students have finished taking their notes on their specific topic, they are ready to begin writing their essay. After they have completed their essays, they need to set them aside for a while and to let their minds rest and then read their papers later so they can check for sentence structure, paragraph structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. When they are satisfied, they can submit their papers for you to grade.


You can grade them on sentence structure, paragraph structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and accuracy of information they included in their essays. After you have finished grading the papers, you can return them to the students and have them correct any major errors, so they will see and understand their mistakes.

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