Guess The State?

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
Homework and Class Time

In this lesson, students will select a state they want to research and write down their information in the form of questions and answers so they can ask their class to guess the identity of their state.


To learn about the different states
To ask specific questions to see if students can guess your state

Materials Needed

History Book
Note Cards
Pens to write down their questions and answers


First, the students will prepare their presentations ahead of time. They will choose a specific state they want to study and write down questions to present to the class. During their presentations, they will stand in front of the room and ask a question that will cause the students to think about the answer and see if they can determine what state the student wants them to guess. After the students have guessed their state, then another student goes up and presents their questions to the class. When everyone has finished, you can give the students a test on the states to see if they have mastered the information they have presented to the class.

The following are examples of questions the students could ask:

1. Which region do you think my state is located?

2. Do you think my state is small or large?

3. Does my state have earthquakes?

4. Does my state have a lot of snow?

5. Do you think my state is located by the Atlantic Ocean?

The students need to ask similar questions, so the other students can put the information together in their minds and come up with the answers. They don't want to give specific questions that will give the answers away immediately, such as: The capital of my state is ______.


You can grade the students on the accuracy of their notes and how well they presented their information to the class. You can also grade the students on their tests you gave them.

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